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Fuzik – Keyless Entry, Push Start, Remote Start, Smart Start, Keyless Go, GPS Tracker, Rear-end Collision Avoidance, GPRS/GSM Management, Car Secretary, Window Closer

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==================== General ====================


Will having a Fuzik product installed into my car void my new car warranty like my car dealer has told me?

Not sure. It’s up to your local industry standard, law and other aspects. General speaking, no new car warranty can be instantly voided simply by the addition of any aftermarket (non-factory) product, including security products. However, if the added device is of poor quality, or is installed incorrectly, issues of warranty can be brought into play. Your best choice is to always have any Fuzik products installed by a professionally authorized showroom or dealer.


========== For Smart Key & Push Start System ==========


Does the security level be reduced after installation?

No, the security level will be same or higher.


Can I have a “Universal” Push Start Kit?

A 100% uniserval kit does not exist. If you are not sure what car for final installation, to purchase a “Universal” kit is available but will face situations of:

a. No specialized cable, button, panel, blank key, keyhole cover, other related accessories.

b. Only thin button optional.

c. Need research and adjust Pins in main unit yourself.

d. Total 6-8 more wires manual connections than specialized kit.

e. Installation failure (not compatible).


Does the installation harm the car original circuit?

The kit is 100% truely automotive design and produced, no damage to the car with installation by professional technician.


My car is already Keyless-Go high edition, Can I have a Push Start Kit to realize remote start function?

Please visit OST Updated Remote Start System for option. This kit can match most of “Keyless-Go” cars update purpose.


How many wires need to be connected with car orignal wire?

PKE-100K+ST/L+ST/PF: 12-18

PKE-100P: 6-12

PKE-100P: 0-1 (Wire-Free Edition)

SG: 3-6


Will a Fuzik Push Start System be compatible with my car?

PKE-100K+ST/L+ST/PF: Compatible with 80% quantities of world cars (check list, only very few part)

PKE-100P: Compatible with specific cars (check list)

SG: Compatible with specific cars (check list)


How I can roughly judge whether my car compatible with Fuzik Push Start System (not in the list)?

General speaking, as PKE-100K+ST/L+ST/PF cover over 80% of world cars, you are suggested to ask for help from local dealer or installer:

Factor A:

Your car’s ACC/IG1/IG2/ST wires must be easy to be sought and handled, and also must be 12V+ electrical singal (not data signal), otherwise this car is not available for PKE-100K+ST/L+ST/PF.

Factor B:

1. Use OEM key to remote lock, then use mechanical key to unlock, if no alarm, this car is available;

2. Use OEM key to remote lock, then use mechanical key to unlock, if alarm, go back and shift to using internal unlock instead of mechanical key unlock, if still alarm, this car is not available; If no alarm, this car is available.

*Notice even if internal unlock does not trigger alarm, you still need to test the battery consumption, if it’s in high level, this car is also not available.

Above factors must been both matched.


Will the Push Start System be compatible with all the features on my factory remote?

It is compatible generally, while additional parts or labor are required in some cases. Please discuss the details of your specific vehicle with your supplier or installation technician.


Why Fuzik’s Kit (Keyless Go Kit) has no door handle?

1. Fuzik’s product is “Super-Low Powerconsumption” designed which he prides itself extremely. To reduce installer’s labor and be more professional for aftermarket, the door handle is not necessary for Fuzik’s Kit.

2. Actually most of aftermartket “door handle” Keyless Go kits are mainly for saving power purpose, not for hunting like OE purpose.


How do factory PKE Push Start Systems compare with Fuzik aftermarket Kits?

Factory usually uses Half-RFID technology, and it is necessary to press or touch door handle to trigger the system.

Fuzik adopts Full-RFID technology, no door handle pressing or touching, a little higher powerconsumption than factory but with much easier installation.

General speaking, Fuzik aftermarket push start kit is much performanced and economic than factory car Keyless Go high edition.


What is FHSS, and why do I need it?

FHSS full name is “Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum”. Fuzik keyless entry unit uses the highest level of FHSS technology. With this technology assistance, your car is protected by better security. Even a strong code grabbers can not easily disturb the system to failure.


To install a Push Start System, the steering lock and immobilizer must bee released?

Definitely, the steering lock needs to be removed completely. The immobilizer needs to be released by:

A. Inserting an original key

B. Putting an original key inside IMMO Bypass Box

C. Adopting with IMMO Bypass Module


It’s heard that Keyless Entry and Push Start alarm can drain the vehicle’s battery very soon?

Fuzik prides itself in producing products with the lowest power consumption in the industry! Automobiles today are being produced with extremely complex wiring systems and many on-board computers. This leaves less of the vehicle’s electrical resources free to be used by aftermarket products. For this reason, a major consideration in the design of Fuzik security systems is the current consumption. This concern has been addressed by reducing the idle current of our systems to the bare minimum necessary for the product to perform properly.


What is Window Closer? What’s the difference between Window Closer and PKE itself function (window-up)?

Window Closer is a specialized separate unit to realize “window-up” function. It can reduce much labor comparing with PKE unit. PKE unit needs to add relays to realized window-up function. And PKE itself window-up function can not resovle the problem “One-Touch Up/Down” of original car.


Window up failure?

This kind of problem is only related with controller of PKE main unit or Window Closer.

Situation 1: The window up function is realized by PKE, Window Closer is not installed.

1) Check is there signal output of ports, if not, then check the main unit working or not;

2) If ports output signal, check the cables connected correctly or not;

3) If step 1 and 2 both ok, check the fuse of car original WINDOW-UP-MOTOR, is it burned? And also check the cable which crosses primary door to driving room, is it shucked to connected with ground which result in short circuit;

Situation 2: Window Closer is installed, PKE does not control.

1) Check the fuse of Window Closer;

2) Check the fuse of car original WINDOW-UP-MOTOR;

3) Check the specialized cable of Window Closer is in poor contact or not;

4) Check the control cable of Window Closer (trigger wire or other control wire connected or not).


PKE (Auto Lock/Unlock) failure?

This kind of problem is related with PKE main unit; please make a previous evaluation by follow logic:



Smart key problem?

1) Long press button on smart key, LED no work. Battery runs out or button damages;

2) Within 2M diameter range, lock/unlock repeat and repeat. Check 3D antenna wire damaged or not;

3) If smart key A can be used normally, another smart key B cannot be, that is UHF sender of A damaged.


Push engine start failure?

1) On site check lamp, steering lamp, interior lamp are turned off or not? Maybe battery is out;

2) If the battery is normal, check the fuel circuit is cut off or not? Recover it then check that the car can be started or not;

3) Check the IMMO is released or not; Check the DIP set is correct or not;

4) The Start button can be switched at ACC, ON. Step on the brake, the green led on button lights, but there is no start output (by listening, normal starting can trigger the relay voice from push start main unit); Check the communication cables between Start Controller and PKE unit, are they connected in bad contact?


Engine cannot be started (after short time parking)?

1) On site check lamp, steering lamp, interior lamp are turned off or not? Maybe battery is out;

2) Test the static current by multimeter after locking, normally less than 80mA or not;

3) If the static current is a bit higher, for example 100mA, but lock the car by original key only causing 40mA, please change the connection point of lock signal wire (must connect with primary lock).


Remote start failure?

Check the start controller DIP Module, the final DIP set enable or not?

ST: DIP-5 ON = Enable

PKE-100P/PF/SG: DIP-8 OFF = Enable


Some special cars must be started with stepping on brake. Check your car in that range? If yes please ask your dealer to make more modifications by adding diode or relay.


What are the diodes (inside the Push Start System kit) for?

Many cars have four separate door trigger wires, the connections need to add diodes. Diode ‘+’ to port “door trigger -“, diode ‘-‘ to each door trigger wire.


There’s a GND looking wire on push button, but on diagram it says “Door Lamp” wire?

The button is designed for downward compatibility.

For PKE-100K+ST/L+ST it is exactly GND wire.

For PKE-100P/PF/SG it is Door Lamp wire and always does not need connection.


What is difference between “Door Lamp” wire and “Door Trigger Wire”?

Door trigger wire has no time delay, instant output signal after opening the door and instant stop output signal after closing the door. Door lamp wire always has time delay, instant output signal after opening the door but not instant stop output signal after closing the door.


What’s use of DIP in PKE unit and Start controller? How to config them? (PKE-100 series)

DIP in PKE unit is for adjusting window-up time sequence.

DIP in Start controller is for adjusting start rule.

To config them for different cars, please ask us for more details.

The final DIP of all start controller is for remote start:

ST: DIP-5 ON = Enable

PKE-100P/PF/SG: DIP-8 OFF = Enable


Among the universal buttons, which is proper for my car?

The universal buttons are for cars which have no specialized panel/button supplied and can be installed at lock hole or drilled on original panel. There’re Long, Short and Thin types. For option of installation at lock hole, the main precondition is the space size of steering room.


My smart key is lost, where and how to adapt a new one?

Please ask for help from your local dealers or service agents.


After driving I press push button to stop engine, the door unlocks and locks irregularly, what’s the reason?

The car original “anti-hijacking” feature and PKE main unit conflicts. Do not connect the “brake” wire on PKE unit if the car already has  “anti-hijacking”.


For smart key, Exhibition Mode (washing mode) sometimes works sometimes doesn’t?

To set exhibition mode, the smart key must be within PKE response distance.


For smart key, The PKE antenna signal seems not stable?

Please be noted the antenna should be strictly close to the glass instead of being covered by the metals or metal film which has negative effect of signal in-out.


For PKE-100P/PF Push Start System, there is no “ACC” option?

This product has humanized design. When in status of flameout, switchover between ACC and ON ; and ACC will be switched to OFF once door is opened, then switchover between OFF and ON.


The start cable looks completely matching our car ignition connector, but not start?

Try to adjust the pins of connector  in order. Different country car version maybe has different order.


What the use of Immobilizer Transponder Bypass?

It contains your orignal keyfob to trasmit its Immo signal to car ignition device, so that you can start your car successfully after install the kit. Compare with binding keyfob inside without hidden, the bypass box is more safe on vision.


What the use of Immobilizer Data Bypass?

It adapts original key Immo data and directly output them to car ignition device, so that you can start your car successfully after install the kit. This product avoids you to consume an original key.




My car can only be started after stepping on clutch, can I install the product to realize remote start? 

This design is sepecal, need complex tuning, please try following picture methods (click to zoom):



Can I adjust some parameters of Push Start System?

Yes you can adjust it with Fuzik special tool TCU Test Tool, only available for PKE-100P/PF.

Parameters can be adjusted for: Volume of horn, Leaving reminder, Safe Mode, Morse, ignition time, etc.


I have changed the DIP to set remote start Enable, but still not work?

After setting, the device needs reloaded to apply new application, please take off its power and plug in again.


The remote started successfully but only few seconds goes off?

PKE-100P: Can-Bus data not compatible with car origin.

PKE-100PF: If orange light keeps blinking, fuel wire connection wrong, otherwise check door trigger wire.


We have a PKE-100P Can-bus Push Start System, but there’s no OBD interface in the pack?

That exactly happens according car models. For some models we directly force to connect Can-Bus wire not by OBD port due to firm and security purpose. Actually, for most of other models, we still recommend directly connect to Can-Bus wire even there’s OBD port inside the pack.


It seems my car has no fuel wire, how to work? 

This always happens on diesel powered car or other difficult seeking cars. You can connect it to ON wire but will face a little inconvenience: When car is in ON status, you can not get engine started immediately, must turn off first then start engine.


After engine started, the push button keeps blinking (orange light)? 

PKE-100P: Can-Bus data not compatible with car origin.

PKE-100PF: Fuel circuit wire connection wrong.


Can I prefer a keyfob style?

For PKE-100K+ST/L+ST, it’s fixed with single style without choice.

For PKE-100P/PF, there’re options, please refer to

Note: For PKE-100P/PF, any changes of keyfob options may cause the blank key not compatible with keyfob any more.


========== For GPS Tracker ==========


How do I know the status of the device after inserting SIM card?

See the blue LED light on unit, after stable, each 5 seconds it will flash:

1 long light means GSM signal works

1 flash means cloud connected

2 flash means GPS signal works

3 flash means PKE connected

So a normal status should be:

Singe Mode: 1 light>5S>1 flash>5S>2 flash>5S>1 flash…circular.

Start Master Mode: 1 light>5S>1 flash>5S>2 flash>5S>3 flash>5S>1 flash…circular.


For further technical  service support ,please kindly email our Global after-sale service support department at