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The selection of Industry overall standings, automobile products,China 2011,starts official

2009 annual Chinese auto accessories product industry general appraisal list attract the attention of industry and millions of netizen,it’s got the social highly recognized and actively participation of listed enterprises and society.General appraisal List have been the Auto parts supplies enterprise evaluation system of the native most authoritative and influence ,praised by the Chinese auotomobile accessories industry”Oscar”of Xinhua Net and CCTV and mainstream media.The General appraisal is a Brand activity special made by Chinese automobile accessories industry association,National auto parts inspection and many authorized institution,which aim at praise elite,set up good-standard enterprises,carry forward famous brand,develop special market.strive for promoting the core competitive of enterprise in local market

2011,the fortissimo have been sounded of Chinese auto products industry,the 2010 Chinese auto industry general appraisal evalution activity have been started by National auto accessories Quality supervise inspection centre,the Chinese auto parts industry league,the Chinese auto industry accessories selling company,the Chinese auto parts market association,the Chinese auto parts industry main stream media association,the Chinese auto industry brand recommend working committee.have been start to accept the enterprise declare and local business association recommend

The Chinese auto parts industry General appraisal organize secretary:Qianqian Gao explain to the journalist,Develop Chinese automobile products industry General appraisal( is aim at praise heroes, set up good-standard enterprises,improve the core competitive of enterprise in local market.promote the glorious and development of Chinese automobile products. strengthening the whole independent research and development capacity of our national automobile products . Managerial and administrative expertise, Advocate new marketing and service pattern. At the same time,in order to encourage one lot enterprise,person, who make outstanding contribution to our automobile industry these years,and the dealer or servicer who have remarkable achivements in every link of automobile industry.effictively promote the quality of automobile and related service.expand the fluence and comprehensive competitive power of Chinese automobile industry in the international markets.

Qianqian Gao introduced as this.the Chinese automobile industry General appraisal( aim at integrating of the industrial resources, optimize the industrial structure,promote industry platform, comply with market demand,Stick to the Selection principle of authority, notarizationdemonstrate and enterprise application,industry recommendation,expert judge.Set up”Expert consult committee”to evalutate professional and authorized for the awards of General order to record 2011 annual the enterprise and person who have great contribution to Chinese auto industry,and pay much more attention to the continuous innovation development trend of 2011 annual, our country’s automobile products industry under the financial crisis circumstance industry colleague,compost the new development charter of Chinese automobile products industry

The General Counsel of Chinese auto parts industry General appraisal,the Ex General engineer of National quality inspection Authorization,the Vice-director of AQSIQ:Bolin Ye said:the evaluation activity would be useful for the factories of Chinese automobile products industry,the distributor.would promote the product and service quality furtherly.Meanwhile,Via all-around participate,the consumers would have chance to know the industry status of auto parts,could adjust better their own automobile consume activities.At the same time,Bolin Ye also point out that the General appraisal have been held for three times,which got the hightly approval of enterprise,have been become the hot spot of the public attention.The General appraisal stick to pursuing authorized principle,promoting industy fluence,the Popularity and reputation of listed enterprises ,and the selling channel of broad enterprise products.the more important is that assistant listed enterprise to make super enterprise cohesive force and centripetal force,then making them to the most autorized and fluence automobile products enterprice evalution system.

The General consult:Bolin Ye also point out that,Nowadays,the Chinese auto parts industry General appraisal organize committ have set up strategic cooperative partnership with CCTV and Tencent Auto net, popularize the General appraisal together.and cooperate with the largest and most Authorized automobile industry main stream media propagandize platform of the Chinese auto part industry main media association,the first innovative modle of combination of journalism and auto parts industry in our country. Put the related information of the General appraisal publicly.This could not only promote the brand expression of awarded enterprise,but also extremly encourage the recent existing customers of got awards.Give the greatly promote fluence to the potenial consumers of awarding enterprise.and plays an important positive role for enterprise promotion

2010 the Chinese automobile products industry General apprasial must be the Strong attraction and powerful credibility,and would be effect the thousand millions consumers. A s the evaluation activity of the annual largest ,the deepest of participate,the authorized organization,unique topic, Huge audience group, omnibearing high-capacity many propaganda reports,would be the most beautiful scenery line of 2010 annual automobile products industry.

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