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The latest technology:The intelligent Passive Keyless Entry of vehicle

Let’s we talk about this smart key for this latest technology of automotive electronic technology ,What’s called Smart Key or Passive Keyless Entry is not a new technologies now, Many models have this technology yet, such as Nissan Teana, Toyota Corolla, Ford Mondeo, Honda Accord and other mid-level car, even some Grade-A car has this configuration too, such as the Suzuki Swift, Mazda 2 and so on.The most common smart key, is consist of transmitter, remote central locking control module, The remote controller and transmitter are concentrated on the car key.The car will entry lock or unlock status based the sigh which send by smart key, and even automatically close the windows and sunroof.


The intelligent keys are coming to our life now

The principle is very simple, this system uses RFID (radio frequency identification) technology, Usually,the door will open automatically and relieve the anti-theft status when the owners approached the vehicle within 1 meter or less, the detection of vehicle system will immediately recognize the smart card when the owner entryed the car, then just gently press the start button (or knob), you can normally start the vehicle, it’s no need to take out the car keys during the whole process

The main function of using method of smart key


When close to the car door

When the driver let the key of the pocket, close to the car, the key and car began to set the radio exchange information on good instruction. Then the car’s close system, security system and engine control system would be activated at the same time.

When open the door

There are two ways:The easy one is that it’s should manually press the small button of the car door to open the door, but it’s no need to press the remote keys, The high level is that the sensors will detect this pressure once the driver touch the door handle, the servo motor will open the door locks at the same time. Then seats, steering wheel and outside rearview mirrors will be automatically adjusted to the appropriate location for the vehicle owner.

Before start

When the driver stepped the brake pedal, the steering wheel locks will be opened immediately, while the start button will be released too, almost all of the Passive Keyless Entry is equal to keyless start, At this time, the engine could be start once press the start button or turned the ignition Switch without insert the key, It seemed that only BMW is a exception.,it must insert the key into slot to start the engine

Get off the car

The driver need to press the lock button on the door handle when get off, It’s shows that the doors were safely locked if the flash lights on. Some high-level model cars have no need to press the lock button, the vehicle will sense the distance away from the car of smart key, It would be automatically latch if away this distance. According to the different design of each manufacturer, it’s usually 1-2 meters.The keys and car will be re-agreed to a new directive information while the car locked.


Using note of smart key

Do not put together with electronic device

Due to the Smart key using low-intensity radio waves, So it’s may not work correctly in the case of magnetic field interference .It will led to failure phenomenon of smart key if mixed smart key together with the mobile phone for a long time. because the chip of Smart Key would be interfered with the mobile phone’s frequency In addition, It will over-consumption of battery power if the smart key receiving high-intensity radio waves, Therefore, Do not put the smart key near the electronic device, for example, television or personal computer.
Do not throw it at random
For the smart key, the most terrible thing is dropping from aloft to the ground, most intelligent keys shell are relatively strong, while the Anti-force encountered violent collision of internal lines are relatively weak ,It would be damaged when encounter violently impact .In addition, the internal line would be burned out once the smart car keys get in water,and would also led to remote control function failed. Do not shake the keys strenuous when you hold them which would make water flow to other important lines, and do not use the remote lock immediately either, it may cause the circuit board burned out.The correct way is to open the car flat and dry it with a hair dryer, then sent it to the maintenance shop to check .In addition, Pls take care, Do not exposed the smart key to high-temperature environment directly,such as the dashborad or bonnet.

Do not put the false key inside the car

It will bring much trouble if the car key lost in carelessly,especially the smart keys,it’s have to re-made and re-match with computer once lose
Different from the machinery key,smart key was involved in the anti-theft technology,So the key didn’t lost in real,it could be use once easy creat another one, It is understood thateachmanufacturerhas developeditsservice departmenthave set out a procedure about the Passive Keyless Entry and key makes for their after-sells service,Sowe kindly remind the car ownersto protect the spare key well,Don’t mix the spare key and using key together,and do not left the spare key inside the car either.
Do not use the wrong battery

The life of Smartcar key’s battery is about1 year.Asthe different frequency of key using,the battery consumption would be different accordingly.The batteryconsumptionis different from different distancesusing. It’s important to change the battery, the thecircuit board of key will beburned once there is any error. Before replacing the battery, the car owner should read carefully of battery replacementgraphic.When separating the key,pls pay attention to the original place of each part.Try to choosing the original battery if possible; Distinguishcarefully the battery’s pole, Do not misplaced, At the same time,pls pay attention to the seal ring of bottom,do not make it damaged during the changing procedure, Or else it will burned the electronic board

Do not contact with metal item as few as possible

Many ladies like to match the heavy hang adorns,Even some Man car owner mixed the smart key with other keys together.They may not know,during the flipping of car running,the heavy fittings of key would be damaged the limited componets and contact points by lock chip,then led to loose or damaged earlier,It will cause the failure of start engine or off-power during running.Further more,if mixed with other keys,and the key is metal items,it may cause failure working if smart key mixed with metal items or covered by metal items.

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