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The introduction to auto show models imported car of Volkswagen,in Shenzhen 2010

Phaeton-Interpretation perfection of perfect match

As one of the luxurious Ultimate products of Volkswagan,Phaeton 4.2 L,Phaeton 3.6 L and W12 whole series product, become the new favorite of nathional wide high level luxury car user group. because of its swift surging new green efficient power system, Top security configurator, manual ornate luxury quality and unique custom service. show strong competition strength

Phaeton 4.2L, equipped with V-8 cylinder gasoline powered engine,equipped with 6-speed automated/manual gearbox,the maximum power is up to 246 kilowatts,the maximum torque is up to 430 Newton meters. Greatly enhance the power performance, while Phaeton bring more good environmental performance, Phaeton 4.2L, Velocity of hundred kilometers: 90 kilometers constant speed,fuel consumption of 8.5 liters,It’s in line with IV emission standards. of EU. Meanwhile, the Phaeton 4.2L is equipped with Ahead of similar-level cars all-wheel drive system and electronic damping control air suspension chassis, provide additional active safety.Phaeton’s powertrain technology ,

The high intensity car body is consist of chassis and body parts all design for the top speed 300 km / h 16 different metals and special plastic, the maximum combat power is up to 37,000 N • m torque, It can be considered as a master piece in the same level car. In addition, ESP electronic stability program, including Anti lock Brake System, electronic differential lock system, traction control system, ASR and the equipment of Brake Assist system,All these support the maximum stability and anti-collision safety for the drivers   

 The top luxury car,Phaeton,Born in the famous historic city of Europe – Dresden “transparent factory ” Own the most hand-made processes and top material of the luxury cars.Inherit from the exquisite handcraft technicians of Germany nearly one century.;Applying in more than 100 patent handcraft,the wood accessories of warm and like jade,which grinding lasted over 300hours.The luxurious and comfortable leather seats sewed carefully.. You can feel the real meaning of Phaeton’s luxury and perfect only when you place in it

Besides,Phaeton is the only model that could supply customized service model of the national wide luxury cars with millions value level.From 2008,Volkswagen have set Phaeton customized centre in ShenZhen,ChengDu and Beijing,Provide the customer ONE to ONE Honour enjoy service with the fully synchronized service of Dresden “Transparent Factory”  Try to make every customer who step in Phaeton to feel the perfect charming that bring by Phaeton,enjoy the double worship experience of”hand-Luxury” and ” personalized custom “

Touareg TDI-the pioneer of Low carbon

As the most successful SUV models,Volkswagen Touareg bring the customer a unprecedented all-around luxury experience.Because of its superior performance.Since its inception,the petrol version in China has made a brilliant sales performance.The Touareg 3.0TDI is a comprehensive reflection of forward-looking technology and the responsibility on environment,became the representative of innovation and initiative in China’s SUV market,  Its low-speed turbo-charged start performance caused by low speed high torque, and the high efficient fuel economy and dynamic property caused by turbocharging. Brought a more unexpected pleasure of driving a new environmentally friendly low-carbon life style for consumers

The V63.0 TDI turbo diesel direct injection engine is equipped with Touareg 3.0TDI ,which is the latest technological achievements of Volkswagen research and develomed more than ten years in diesel engine technology field. In the 2000 ~ 2250rpm speed range, the highest output of engine could reach up to 550 cattle • m of torque, which makes the start and acceleration of Touareg 3.0TDI , acceleration is very excellent.Low speed and high torque characteristics bring great cross-country performance; Touareg 3.0TDI could accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h ,the acceleration could compare to the car. and over 200 km / h top speed, which fully meet the high speed travel for consumer..At the same time, advanced turbocharged direct injection diesel engines matched with 6-speed Tiptronic automated manual gearbox, making this Touareg 3.0TDI got the excellent fuel economy, and its fuel consumption per hundred kilometers of 90 km / h equal driving speed traveledonly 6.7 liters. After several technology upgrades, this V63.0TDI Engine has received numerous industry awards and become the main model of Volkswagen Toureg inGermany native 
Touareg 3.0TDI is the same as other equipments.Touareg TDI equipped with  parking radar with reverse images, the bi-xenon near-far headlights of dynamic range lighting control system.Electronic buffer control air suspension with automatic level control and height adjustable, These advanced vehicle technology equipment, made the Touareg TDI’ road and cross-country performance more intelligent and secure. The cruise control, Passive Keyless Entry system, radio with MP3 playback / guide system “RNS510” and DVD equipment of China digital map , which make the luxury configuration of Touareg TDI does not lose in any competititors  

Touareg Limited Edition-Personality Peak of Touareg family

As an recently introduced models by Touareg family ,Touareg limited edition has more distinctive sports designs, unique personalized interiors and excellent road and off-road performance. It’s based the further enrich the product line of Volkswagen Touareg and inherited the multi-purpose luxury off-road that developed by Touareg.For more personalized and sport performance ,provide the domestic consumers more rich and personalized choice, leading personalization trend of domestic luxury SUV market

 In appearance, the Touareg limited edition models join many sport elements: based on the general models.The Wide bodykit of the front and rear arouses great attention, together with silver bumpers,the sporty style of Touareg limited edition coming with a wind.. The square dual chrome exhaust pipes innovative designed on the rear end , furtherly highlights the personality luxury of Touareg limited edition , the momentum  scintillating all the time. There are more exaggerated installation of extend wheel fender flares In the body,skirts,making the car looks more rough, uninhibited, cool and killing. Coupled with sporty 20-inch alloy wheels hub, so that the Touareg limited Edition release infinite lofty sentiments. At the same time, the silver coating rear view mirror of Touareg limited edition is marked difference with the car body, highlights the distinctive character
In the interior of the building , the Touareg limited edition is also very personality. The ” VolkswagenIndividual” honor badge engraved on the front door of stainless steel pedal , which not only demonstrates the personality origin of Touareg limited edition,but also represents a distinctive and unique style. Touareg Limited Edition V6 provide a more sporty style of aluminum metal interior, while also providing high walnut, aspen wood and Pappelmaser black  interior trim for consumers choosing, V8 provides high-grade walnut and poplar interior. Fine texture interior thread aluminum trim have metallic feeling burnish,which looks very sporty. Besides, the color is deep of pappelmaser-black interior trim,and the handfeel is delicate, which give the drivers of a content-rich quality experience. In addition, Touareg V6 limited edition  also provides a more delicate touch “Nappa” white and black leather seats and wood trim with multi-function leather steering wheel and other optional components, with a strong personal style more , fully meet the  dream of consumer  of has a unique dream car distinguished

 Touareg limited edition continue to use the great power of Touated V6 and V8,Perfect illustration career of fully function off-road legend.Strong 3.6L V6FSI gad direct injection engine’s maximum power could reach to 280HP, the maximum torque could reach to 360 rpm.The acceleration time of 0-100Km/h within 8.6s and the maximum speed of 227Km/h,which assure the excellent performance of Touareg limited edition. In additon,Touareg limited edition provide more strong power choice-4.2L V8FSI gas direct injection engine.The maximum power could reach to 350HP, the maximum torque could reach to 440rpm,the maximum speed could reach to 244Km/h, Touoareg limited edition’s acceleration,doubling,duration perfomance shows great illustrious,equipped with 20 inch big wheel.Provide the great passion surging driving experience for drivers

On the off-road conditions by,the performance of Touareg limited edition could also named real masterpiece.Touareg family 4XMOTION AWD system and ESP electronic stabilize procedure match ensure the strong power of engine have more than three different mechanism of Front,Middle and Back to transfer to the wheel.torque distribution more effective.Driving on the normal road condition,Touated limited edition could transfer the torque to the epipodium or back shaft 100%,then it could pledge.  It would be have powerful trafic ability characteristic on the any road condition.The maximum Permissible Gradient of Touateg could reach up to 45°,which it’s the limited of car may get.The driving power that up to 3.5 ton and the Rear-axle bearing capacity of 1640Kgs.which could make the driving on rough conditions to become smooth like

New beetle,Black-Orange Edition-the perfection combination of fashion and style

As a ever new benchmark model in the World automobile history,New beetle inherit the Beettle’s consistent modern and fashionable design concept. And New Beetle Black-Orange cabriolet express well the fashionable style of new beetle.The car body out paint of New Beetle Black-Orange select fashionable orange and cool black color.and equipped with black roof and beautiful color coating body,unique color matching make”Black-Orange”become the focus point of millions people in the markets.17″alloy wheel”Sarasota” matched with fashionable car body,there are two kinds of color:classic silver,more cool black.The car owner could select black or silver wheel to match with the car body if they as to creat a New Beetle which stand for their own style.In order to strengthen the sporty of New Beetle,the designer of Volkswagen reduce 10mm of the chassis of “Black-Orange”,and upgrade the seat to sport seat with waist-support.Sitting inside the car,the New Beetle Black-Orange cabriolet would bring you more comfortable and protection, the lively and sporty atmosphere will throughout every cell of your body..and so strong sporty style,will attract more insight of more fashionable man

New Beetle Black-Orange cabriolet is not only the supporter of color and fashion,but also the collection of Volkswagen automobile technology.The driver could control the Open-Close of roof by Hand,Using electronics hydraulic system,the foldable roof could open or close after press key within 13s, the passengers could enjoy the sunshine,breeze and unspoken freedom quickly.

New Beetle Black-Orange cabriolet be loaded with the 85KW,2.0L orthostichous four cylinder petrol engine of the maximum power,equipped with the lastest 6 speed of AMT and Automatic combination Tiptronic of Valkswagen,to ensure the excellent acceleration and sporty performance.The more amazing,the automatic rolling protect system of New Beetle Black-Orange cabriolet is hiden the back seat,the transducer would be actived quickly once come across the rolling and collision in emergency accident.Protect the passenger’s security with the front windshield side frame together.The innotive headrest also provide the protection for head and neck.In additon,ESP,ABS,EBD,EDL all equipped together,which make the security more completely and carefully

New Beetle 1.6L-Golden displacement deduce low carbon life

The lower displacement and more excellent fuel economical of New Beetle 1.6L,provide more choice for comsumers
Nowadays,With the pursuit of Eco-friendly of national people,small displacement car become more and more popular.1.6L model is become the first choice of Urban car.even praised as the “Golden displacement”of Urban by many people.New Beetle 1.6L equipped with orthostichous 4 cylinder petrol engine.the maximum power could reach up to 75Kw,the maximum torque could reach up to 148Nm,the time of acceleration from still to 100Km/h is 13.2s,the maximum speed is up to 175km/h,The more important is,the fuel economical of New Beetle 1.6L is very standing out,the speed fuel economy is only need 5.9L for 90Km,The purchaser of New Beetle 1.6L could also enjoy the favorable policies from the government

Scironcco-Shining at any times

All-weather sporty roadster Scirocco,was praised“the most sporty of Volkswagen in history”all-weather sporty roaster.Own passion sporty and creative fashionable design,transcendental power and excellent fuel economy,Fexible practical interior design and abundant configuration which over the same level car models.Since selling in the market on Apr 2009,the Scirocco received great demand from consumers.Especially in the “China racing car Scirocco Cup, Volkswagen automobile”series competition which land on China in 2009.As a roadster,Scirocco 2.0TSI express limited speed and great power,its excellent manipulate and remarkable dynamic have been around to the peoples.

Scirocco express a Volkswagen future design language of forwarding and out of current fashion by unique design proportion and the attention to details.absorb the design inspiration of Volkwagen Concept car in 2006.The front wheels of Scirocco abound damage,sexy side wheels looks like strong and smooth fluctuations of muscle line.changed different with change of angle view.Besides,exaggerated tail and Vista Roof that stretch cross the AB pillars,make the pratical,sporty and creative innotive design mix together perfectly

Born for Speed of Scirocco,because of the perfection combination of TSI engine and DSG,When bring the great power and driving power,also reduce the fuel consumption level to the lowest.With the help of Scirocco,The Volkwagen imported car introducing the 1.4TSI Double pressurization gasoline straight turbojet and 7 speed DSG to Chinese market,Show Volkswagen automobile advanced powertrain technology and brand spirit of continuous innovation.Early this year,the Volkswagen imported car introduced another Sirocco model:Sirocco 2.0TSI. The 2.0L FSI equipped with Sirocco 2.0TSI.When the rotate speed of engine is up to 5100-6000RPM,  the maximum power will up to 155KW of consistent output. When the rotate speed of engine is up to 1700-5000RPM,the maximum torque:280NM of consistent output, With such excellent engine perpormance,2.0TSI engine gain internation annual engine big awards quadrennial(2005-2008),matched with six gears SG,the maximum speed is 238km/h of Scirocco 2.0TSI,it could accelerate from still to 100km/h within 6.9s,.the combized fuel consumption of hundred kilometers of Scirocco is 7.5L,One thing we have to mentioned is that the all powertrain system is in line with the race car of Scirocco Cup,which make the Auto sport fan could enjoy the exciting passion of racing sports,to become the first choosing model of many auto sport fans and the consumer of pursuing personallized

Volkswagen imported automobile car Tiguan-Transcend the Urban life

Depend on the comfortable family-business use and ultimate Acme wild experience,Strong power and outstanding Eco-friendly,The Volkwagen auto Tiguan introduced to China Since Aug 2009,the market reaction is always very hot.As an leading fashion high-level SUV,the Volkwagen imported car came to market,it’s fill in the blank of native middle-level market,meet the demand that the consumer pursuing for multi-fuction Hign and Middle-level SUV
The Tiguan car body line is concise hale,all kinds of design elements matched perfectly, Presents a budding movement characteristics.In the interior design,Tiguan own wide interior space which in line with the principle of human body engineering, the back sear could be adjust from front to back. and could folding asymmetric separatly, the luggage space is up to 1510L after adjusted,the load ability could compare to four wheel drive lorry,,The more surprise is that the window top area provided by Tiguan PSD,is larger two times than normal car window top area.Durint the capturing the beautiful sky view ,it could also eaily reach the Stiffiness value,ensure the security absolutely.

The Volkwagen equipped with 2.0TSI petrol direct injection turbocharged engine which combines the dynamic,excellent fuel economy and Eco-friendly together.As an middle-level SUV,its performance of 9.9s acceleration within 0-100kms,which make the same level competitors only could watch its admiration.Adavance gasline dierect injection turbocharged engine matched with 6speed Tiptronics hand-automatic speed-change case.the average fuel consumption of hundred of Tigual was controlled within 10L,the fuel economy is not worse than normal car. the strong off-road grab provided by 4MOTION all weather for wheel drive system,the surging power and super torque owned by 2.0TSI engine,to make the ground clearance is up tp 195mm,Even climb from the horizontal level,it could also climb to the 28 steep hill and couldn’t injury the car body.In addition,Tiguan also developed a rarely one key off-road mode in SUV,the driver just need to press the button,the car would be automatically start one series,such as HAC, Downhill slow drop auxiliary and realted assistant system,make drive on rugged mountain to looks like drive on flat ground

In terms of security,Tiguan get the highest evalution of five-star in the security test report announce by the EuroNCAP and the American NCAP test Report. In additon,Volkswagen imported car Tiguan depend on its auto-parking assistant system,rear packing would be become easy even in a high-rise stacks of cities
The CC of Volkswagen-Refines Germany design

Being from the Volkswagen,CC was praised as“the most beautiful model of Volkswagen auto design”which is also the owner of automobile design top awards”Euro car body design awards”and Germany Red Point awards“the best design quality awards”CC’s “Refine Germany design”product content,combines with Modelling aesthetic and function of socialism perfectly,be aimed at providing infinite gravity refined fun.

As the unremitting carved masterpice by Volkswagen automobile excellent design team,CC is a new four door race car which combines with eligance,sporty and comfortable together inherited the marrow of Germany design,Flowing cloud of whole vehicle side line,Narrow bow body curve and short car tail line.Not only give the eligent spirit of people never forget,but also reach the Aerodynamics index that’s only 0.29 of DC drag coefficient.Double eye white lighting instrument board, Large touch LCD screen, Incidental chrome illuminative three radii multi-function leather direction.Nappa leather sport seat match with central control panel wiredrawing aluminum stance,which makes the personality interior room,express deeply visual aesthetic skills

Except many design highlights of appearance and interior,many innovation of dynamic performance design of CC,could be known as the example of racing car design.Strong 3.6L V6 engine and the maximum power could reach to 300HP,the maximum torque could reach to 350rpm,the acceleration time of 5.6s 0-100km/h and the 250km/h of maximum speed,even not worse than super race car.6speed DSG,could not shift swift,but also accelerate the feeling of free,Comfortable and freely manipulation come so easy

Besides,the CC2.0 version of 2.0TSI engine of continious get awards of “World ten top engine”,by use of GDI and turbocharging two kinds of industry top technology,brought more excellent fuel economy,and more still and quiet at the same time.In the cooperation of Tiptronic AMT AG,CC2.0 could achive the maximum power of 147KW and the maximum torque of 280Nm,Meanwhile,The CC 2.0 just need 7.8s from still to 100km/h,the maximum speed could reach up to 232km/h,it’s enough to make other models watch it with admiration.CC2.0 meet the Euro four emissions standard,stand for more green and Eco-friendly consumption trend

In addition,New 4Motion all weather drive system and EDL combines together perfectly,whatever city Speed or mountain steep ramp,it could deal with it freely.“RNS510”Chinese guard system with 3D traffice display function,make the road no longer confused the Adaptive Chassis Control of loaded first on Volkswagen models,could make the drivers swith swift in the Sport,Normal and Comfortable.And “Auto-parking assistant system”equipped with the CC,was greatly praised by peoples.the car owner have no need to control the direction with the help of this system,just touch the button,then responsible acceleration and braking,the car could automatically guide the pointed parking area,then there is nothing to worry about parking for the drivers

EosWhiteNight-Expression of White and Black

Eos Moon-night version is not only inherited the perfect design of Volkswagen imported car Eos and the outstanding control performance,but also raised a new conception of all weather hard roof Roadster romantic aesthetic design,Black and white two colours contrast sharply,obvious different,but harmony in Eos on moonlit night edition,It stand for the car owner’s extremely romantic unique taste,and also leading the trend of model design

Eos Moon-Night version design black hace hard top roof,good match with the pure white car body,with the radiator grille of deep black pearl effect,exterior mirror,black window outline and “Girona”alloy wheel of special equipped 17”, Two good match of two classic color:black and white,make the Volkswagen imported car Eos Moon-Night version completely fashionable and sporty.Besides,the steering wheel carved”WhiteNight”mark and usher footboard,the sear made by Nappa lealther,and seat,headrest ,white door interior which decorated by color line sewing.everywhere manifesta the unique of Eos Moon-Night Version

As the double four seats roadster of the Global first style which adopt five chips CSC electric half-view skylight hard top fold design,The Eos only need 35s to complete a hace and hoisting process.It set cabrio,Hard top and skylight multi-function in one,provide various driving experience for the demand for modern urbanite for multi–faceted life,get the favour of city fashionable gens since selling on the market.On the power,Eos equipped with Volkswagen famous 2.0TSI FSI,the maximum power is 147KW,It could keep the maximum torque:280rpm within the speed range of 1800-5000RPM,Eos Moon-Night version provide the choice of six gears DSG DCT,this combination of engine and transmission gear brings the acceleration time of 0-100km/h of 7.9s and the maximum speed of 229km/h,provide extremly nice driving fun and manipulate experience.and the security performance that could compare to hard top car,ensure the safety of travel

R series-Volkswagen automobile high performance sport car model

R series models originated from Volkswagen RGmbH company,The Volkswagen auto RGmbH company would be the Volkswagen automobile specializing in Sport style company,It set the R&D,Executive and Selling Volkswagen personallized model and sport model in one,Nowadays it have beared the work of SciroccoR,Golf R,sporty R-Line series model and luxury personalize-owned model.The former of RGmbH is the famous VW Individual department,it’s a separate company under the Volkswagen,its establised in Germany Wolfsburg in Feb 2003,one of the mission is developing sport car and providing the special parts for those customer who have specialized need,its subsidiaries cover many personalized service, thereinto,the R series aim at high performance,decorate and sport performance retrofit by sporty order to achive the sporty performance promotion of vehicle.Such as world famous Golf R32,just the example of this series

Nowadays,the product originated from Volkswagen auto RGmbH was deeply interested by sportsman ,advocates personality car owners and fans,As far as native consumers know,the Volkswagen automobile R36 Travel version which originated from this company,also appereaced on this Automobile Exhibition.As the strongest model in history,the Volkswagen imported car R36 equipped with 3.6L six cylinder gasoline direct injection engine.the maximum could reach up to 220KW(300rpm),Dynamic transmittal system standard configuration matched 6-speed DSG DCT and 4MOTION AWD.Outstanding performance let the R36 travel version could easily achive the topest speed of 250km/h,the acceleration of 5.8s from 0 to 100km,bring a runaway driving pleasure for drivers.

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