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Does the Intelligent Vehicle Systems a stunt or a humanized configuration

With the rapid development of auto industry,Auto drive automatically and intelligent get the favor from more and more consumers,sourcing the reason,the two main aspect is expressed in the convenient and fun for driving and strenghten the car’s security
Speaking from the driving convenience first,the appearance of AG is a Epoch-making marks of automobile history,it make more people like driving and dare driving. Automatic models always be called as”Idiot”models,though the convenience of automatic modes make more people start to accept it.Looking from the native automobile market,the automatic model of the same level is better than Lxi MT.Even in European that always advocating Lxi MT,it’s began to change these years.Lxi MT was accepted by more people step by step,This convenience is needed by all drivers,don’t anyone wont make their drive become more freely?
Secondly, speaking from the automobile security aspect,more and more automatic and intelligent configuration make automobile more safety now,ABS,EBD etc,always become the standard configuration of all vehicles.and the contribution of ESP to automobile security is far greater than the protection of 10 airbags to drivers.Such safety device for any driver who will hope it’s the more, the better.
Get the wrong sedan,Married the wrong man
Entry in 21 century,the development direction of automobile have trended for more intelligent,have the meaning of making automobile become the members of the autobots in < The Transformers> ,In the <007>series movie,Bond’s seat could been the representative masterpiece of intelligent car.It relies on various special function,become the infatuation objects of many auto fans pursuing,the automatic drive function even appeared in early<007>movie car.But in reality life,do we need this intelligent car?Leaving the cost problem,only speaking from the function,who need automatic drive and let him avaliable to deal with the competitors who pursuit you?Anyone need automobile to be the weapon of deal with competitors?There maybe no one need it except “Bonds”
Of course,this example is a little extremly,Seeing from the reality,there are sill some one need some intelligent system,such as newers who get the license right now.One set parking assistang system,one set braking assistant system could indeed excuse the tension and embarresment from these could also strenghthen the confidence of driving,reduce the accident happen,But the problem is that these intelligent system are originated from famours brand,and many more are the “Noble”of famous brand.Most new drivers could just looking these”Noble”disappoint,the people who have chance to use this intelligent system are who have many years experience handy man.even some of them are professional driver.The intelligent system seems havent any use at all, This phenomenon has led to the embarrassment of the new system couldn’t get application which developed greatlyly by car makers.So,for the car makers,who really need intelligent system,who really make their good item to express the maximum function,It’s really a problem. Judging from the current,in the real Volkswagen model,the equipped above intelligent models is really very rare,and the price is also vey high,The real-need person helpless except envy,Afterall,the consumer who purchase Volkswagen pay more attention to price,not configuration
The driving skills in degeneration now
In the movie of< Robot Story, >,the last human’ all activity dependent on their seat in the spaceship,In fact,we could also look their seat as automobile,that’s a highly intelligent automobile.The human only need to press the romote controller to achive any target.But when the incident happens again,what could the human do?it’s hard to turn over,not to mention to solve the problem. that’s the end result of automobile intelligent brings to us. Not delibrately sensationalizing, this sensible.With the development of automobile intelligent,the human’s driving skills in degeneration now, this is the fact that does not dispute.Try to ask,the person who always use automatically could drive handy?the person who like seeing reaing view,how many people still remember the key points of seeing the rearview mirror when rearing?that’s the direct negative effects that brings by automobile intelligent.Now,Automatic rearing system,Automatic parking system apperanced now,it’s could forsee,with more and more person use this system,It’s no different to drive without a license when he changed a car without intelligent system.So,what’s the most thoroughly solve way?Either use less these intelligent assitant system,or make all the cars use this system,Or else,there is no other way.
As sure as each auto makers still launch intelligent car configuration.But so far,it’s also stunt,the factories didnt think well for consumers,what’s the consumers need?Which direction of automobile industry should forwarding?the factories may have result for a long time.Today’s intelligent is just to show own technology strenth,only let the consumer trust it.We also believed there is one day that the car could achive automatically driving.the person could be a passenger from the person could have a good sleep when driving on the speed way.but this is doesn’t happen overnight.Even someone invented it,there is noboday dare using.Only all equipement completely in good condition,the driving skill of native pepole get promoted,it could achive our image beauty in real

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