Fuzik – Keyless Entry, Push Start, Remote Start, Smart Start, Keyless Go, GPS Tracker, Rear-end Collision Avoidance, GPRS/GSM Management, Car Secretary, Window Closer

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Company Profile

SGS Audited Certificate Download (Report Number: QIP-ASR149135)

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FUZIK is a leading corporation of car electronics gathering design, manufacture and marketing together. Since the establishment, FUZIK has always been specialized in car security, safety and intelligence.



FUZIK succeeded in launching a series of high-tech products such as Smart Key Series: Passive Keyless Entry (PKE), Push Engine Start, Remote Start, Window Closer, Rear-end Collision Avoidance System, GPS Tracker and Smart Start Master, etc., gained high reputation among this field.




>>R&D Center

FUZIK always follows the idea “Relying on quality inspection rather than improving product quality” as his quality control belief. At the same time, to build up a stronger team to be more competitive in this market, the company employed a group of experienced developers from world famous companies (car electronics department) like SIEMENS, BOSCH, PATAC, ZTE, etc… Till to September 2011, FUZIK R&D center already had 30 engineers, 18 technicians, 2 project directors. By way of “dispatch out, invite in” training terms, FUZIK’s R&D level is becoming higher and higher. Most of technical personnel must join in 2-3 professional trainings about car electronics every year.


FUZIK constructed a strong lab dedicated into RFID and Can-Bus technology researching and testing, a series of high tools are equipped: CANoe.Matlab Interface, CANoe, CANdela, CANoe.DiVa, CANcard, CANdb++, CANscope, CANstress, Code Warrior, Protel, Etc.


Based on FUZIK’s strong R&D capability and active spirit, more and more fantastic products are made out for this industry. Each year more than 150,000 new car owners join in FUZIK’s family to share his technology, and this number is still in fast growth till today.


>>Workflow & Quality Control


—- Relying on quality inspection rather than improving product quality


Before the idea “Relying on quality inspection rather than improving product quality” (by Edwards Deming, American famous management expert) proposed, early management were mainly covered by quality inspection which can be only controlled after produced. Actually this method is easy to ignore the process control and design optimization. The method is not reliable because the “quality inspection” can only get rid of defective and rejective products, not improve product original quality.


FUZIK processes its manufacturing according with strict SOP and requirements to fully guarantee products quality.


Ideas for quality control:

1. Relying on technology to solve problems.

2. Reliance on quality control departments rather than management, supervisors, managers of purchasing, and production workers.